PAAM strongly believes in the value of internships. We are proud of to offer a number of opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students interested in art, arts administration, museum studies, education and similar fields.

Interns gain a hands-on, working knowledge of the logistics and organization at a century-old New England art museum, art association, and museum school. In addition, interns learn general office skills and experience working both as a team and independently in a non-profit organization on Cape Cod. Internships are broken down into the following categories: Collection and Archives; Museum School; and Youth and K-12 School Education. When applying, please specify your preference.

Museum School

The Museum School intern works closely with the Museum School Program Administrator to get a rich introduction to non-profit arts administration, while working in the Summer workshop program in the fine arts. Responsibilities include assisting teaching …

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Youth and K-12 School Education

The Youth Education intern will work with the Children's Art Adventures teacher. This  internship will focus on working in the classroom for hands-on experience. Interns will assist in teaching and classroom management in a youth art …

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Collection and Archives

The Collection and Archives intern works with the archivist/photographer and collection manager. Duties include but are not limited to exhibition support (installation, documentation, and de-installation); collection and archives database inventory and digitizing; expansion of the online …

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Interview: If possible, we prefer interns to come to PAAM for an interview.

School Credit / Recommendation Letters: We gladly work with interns and schools to get credit if possible. Otherwise, we’ll write interns a recommendation letter at the end and serve as a reference if desired.

Accommodations: We cannot provide accommodations though we will do everything possible to help you find a place. The sooner interns start looking, the better.

Getting a job: Provincetown is a seasonal town with thousands of summer visitors, so there are plenty of jobs available. We’re happy to be a local reference if need be.

Interns will be compensated for this non-paying internship by receiving a complimentary one-year membership to PAAM. Compensation for this non-paying internship can also include participation in workshops. The number of workshops in which interns can enroll is commensurate with the number of hours worked.

The Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM) has been an epicenter of creativ­ity in the region since 1914, when the association began to amass its significant collection of 3,000 works of American art. Having 1800 members—650 of them artists—in 27 states and 8 nations, PAAM has grown into a cultural center that enriches all of Cape Cod and beyond.

Since opening its new facility—the first LEED-certified green art museum in the country—more than 35,000 visitors attend nearly 200 annual programs—exhibitions, classes, auc­tions, lectures, concerts, garden tours, panels and workshops.

PAAM initiates about 35 exhibitions annually—including 8 members’ open, juried and invitational shows—and maintains a research library that receives several inquiries from scholars and collectors each week.

The Lillian Orlowsky and William Freed Museum School at PAAM offers year-round classes for adults, and administers a grant program offered to American painters aged 45+ who demonstrate financial need. The Student Curating, ArtReach, and Art on the Edge programs serve children from eight public school systems on Cape Cod.

In these ways PAAM fulfills its tri-part mission—as a collecting and exhibiting institution, an artists’ association and a mu­seum school—which has remained constant for a century. PAAM maintains a minimal staff, 6 full-time and 6 part-time people; employs approximately 60 working Cape Cod artists as teachers; and is grateful to the labors of PAAM’s 250 volunteers, annual interns and 25 trustees.