From the Director

Dear Members and Friends,

This evening at our 11th Annual Benefit Gala, we were pleased to announce PAAM’s agreement to purchase a parcel located on the Mary Heaton Vorse property. This is a moment of great enthusiasm and excitement as we reinforce our mission to grow the membership, expand the permanent collection, and look intelligently at our vision for the future.

PAAM’s impact on the world derives from our essential role in supporting, sharing and honoring the living legacy of the Provincetown and the Outer Cape Cod art tradition. We do this through five primary areas of activity:

      • Serving the community through programs and activities that provide meaningfuland profound connections to art for Provincetown and Cape Cod residents,neighbors and visitors;
      • Educating children, students and life-long learners though classroom and outreach programs that activate the collection and share expert knowledge;
      • Advancing scholarship to contribute to the understanding of and appreciation for our collection, artists, and special exhibitions;
      • Preserving our artistic legacy through protecting, enhancing and providing access to the world’s greatest collection of Provincetown and Outer Cape Cod art;
      • Nurturing the ongoing practice of art-making on Outer Cape Cod through the support of contemporary artists in Provincetown and its surrounding communities.

How this property will best be used to address the needs and interests of the PAAM membership and the ever-growing communities we serve is what PAAM is now evaluating. No decision has yet been made about a future building, architect or program.

The PAAM Board is committed to making this process a transparent and inclusive one for the Provincetown community. We invite PAAM Members, as well as neighbors, colleagues and visitors, to share their thoughts with PAAM, either directly or through members of the Board. We welcome your range of perspectives, which will significantly enhance the resulting plan for the property’s use. Our goal is to ensure that whatever project emerges from this process addresses the needs of, and provides the greatest benefit to, PAAM’s audiences and stakeholders for generations to come.


The PAAM Board of Trustees